Terms and conditions

By purchasing a ticket through bilet.ro you agree with the following terms and conditions, which you are obliged to observe:

the ticket can not be changed or returned except with the agreement of the show organizer; if the event is canceled, the ticket can be returned to the bilet.ro within 15 days of the announcement of the cancellation; the ticket is returned only at the partner shop where it was purchased or at the company's headquarters; we mention that regardless of the reason for canceling or postponing the event, the amount to be transferred will include the value of the returned tickets plus the commissions and fees charged; the ticket value will be returned within 30 days of the request. bilet.ro can not be held responsible for damages produced directly or indirectly to the customer or other third parties by canceling or postponing the event.

the services offered by bilet.ro are only for sale tickets; bilet.ro has no control over the event or venue where the event takes place

bilet.ro may add a precessing tax which you agree to pay for; this tax represents the costs for processing your order in optimal conditions

bilet.ro is not responsible for the actions not related to the ticket sale procedure

bilet.ro can not be charged for entering the event with fake tickets

if the tickets purchased from bilet.ro will be resold or transferred for the purpose of obtaining material advantages by a third party not authorized by bilet.ro, the organizer of the show, the agents responsible for the location supervision and the bilet.ro representatives may refuse the participation of the owners tickets to the event, including their eviction from the location

if not otherwise specified, the ticket is valid for one person's access to a representation of the event mentioned on the ticket

the organizer of the show has the right to modify the event's data, the new information being announced by specific means of communication;

make sure you get to the event in good time so you can get in the place before the start time on the ticket. The promoter reserves the right to prohibit access if the event has started;

this ticket can not be awarded as a prize in any contest without the prior arrangement of the show organizer

bilet.ro is not responsible for the damages brought by third parties to any ticket owner purchased through bilet.ro

access to alcoholic beverages, drugs, dangerous substances, glass containers, cameras and video, blunt objects and weapons of any nature is forbidden; Ticket owners can be controlled at the entrance to the location to ensure compliance with the announced rules

drug use or other illegal substances at the location where the event is occurring constitutes an offense and will be punished according to the legal provisions in force

restrictions in accordance with laws and regulations on the protection of minors: People under the age of 18 are strictly forbidden to access events that may be of a high degree of violence (such as boxing matches etc.) and in places where alcoholic beverages are served or encouraging smoking

the purchase of the ticket implies that you agree to the terms and conditions displayed on the website www.bilet.ro, terms and conditions that you oblige to observe